Fresh trends as well as retro ideas coming into focus with a new twist. What is happening or about to happen.  Here,  anything is forgiven but lack of inspiration and good taste in experiencing the world of art, fashion, design, wellness, and traveling in Brazil and the world at large. All that deserves attention, from global to local, from local to global. Our site brings the perspective of the most targeted destinations on the planet: Rio de Janeiro.

Trends, behavior, attitudes through insider tips about what is going on on the streets, theaters, art galleries, concert halls. What is being talked about in converations taking place from the bar down the street to the hippest restaurant. That’s how Trendnotes came about, combining the experiences of a journalist and a Cultural producer who met in 2010 during a yoga class and discovered a lot in common. Life took its course and the friendship continued. From a reunion at the end of 2014 and the exchange of experiences comes the desire to create an informative website with journalistic language, to talk about what drives us to want to find out more about contemporary life.

Welcome and good reading!

Carolina Landi

Journalist specializing in cultural journalism and Master in Information, Communication and Health , has nearly ten years experience in corporate communications and press relations in the fields of the Third Sector, Education , Telecommunications, Health , and Science & Technology . Went through institutions like Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (which also conducted crisis management) , Uerj and OI. At moment, is studying the extension course in Cool Hunting - Trends Research at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED Rio de Janeiro).

Mariana Carvalho

Graduated in Business Administration and Cultural Management with a Master in Trends Communication at the University of Lisbon, where achieved an honorable mention for best practices in coolhunting and socio- cultural analysis for her research in Sustainable Fashion. Has experience in organizations such as Citibank and IBM in the areas of Investor Relations and Financial Management . It was a member of AIESEC Organization, where she worked in marketing, establishing partnership with the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in sustainable projects development.